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Welcome to Wonnies Sport

It is our love of sport that makes our programs so enjoyable. Whether you like to watch sport on the television, or you might be one that has to feel the atmosphere in a packed stadium or be that someone who likes to sit down at your local park to watch the kids, we are all sporting enthusiasts in one way or another. We certainly are!

Our sports program continues to grow at our schools and our customers who are already doing music lessons with us, get to experience cheaper than normal prices. It doesn't get better than this!


Check out some of our programs that we are currently offering and keep an eye out for the new programs that we look forward to starting in the near future. 


Please contact our office if you have any enquiries or whether you would like to come and join our team. 



We currently offer a soccer coaching program designed for schools which will suit all ages. Soccer continues to be the most participated sport for juniors between the age of 5-13 throughout Australia. After having witnessed our 'Socceroos' win the Asian Cup, soccer will continue to grow throughout the country.

It's a great time to start playing!

Our coaches are well trained and as soccer is a team sport, now is the time to lace up those boots and start kicking goals with your friends!


Our tennis program is offered during school hours and of a lunchtime at most of our schools. 

Private after school lessons are also available in some areas. Special coaching programs and support coaching is also available on request. Do you have a tennis court? We can arrange for a coach to come to you.


Basketball continues to be one of  the most active sports for junior participants. One only has to go down to their local basketball stadium on the weekend to see how!

Our great Basketball program encourages all students to improve their knowledge and skill of the game with coaches who run sessions tailored for each level. We encourage our students to continue playing with their club, but our coaches can take them to that next level. 


Our exciting new Netball program will be coming soon to schools near you! Netball continues to grow throughout the country and many schools sport teams field both girls and boys when competing against other schools. Great to see!

If you would like to enquire about these sessions, please contact our office. 


Howzat!! We are really looking forward to our Cricket Coaching Academy starting up . Australia has consistantly been at the top of the ICC World Rankings for a number of years and our new program will look at getting behind our young cricketers who spend most of their lunchtime in the cricket nets and teaching them the most important skills involved with playing such a great Aussie Sport.

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