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By clicking the Submit button on the Wonnies Music Enrolment Form, I agree to the term and Conditions listed below:

Definitions and Interpretations

In these terms:

  1. ‘Wonnies’ refers to Wonnies Pty Ltd.

  2. ‘Child Safe Standards’ refers to the Child Safe Standards implemented in Victoria from 1 July 2022

  3. ‘Working with Children Check’ refers to the check undergone by our teachers as required as part of the Worker Screening Act (2020)

  • Wonnies teachers are skilled musicians, who have undergone Working with Children Checks. They are trained in the Wonnies Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy, ensuring they follow the Child Safe Standards.

  • Parents/Guardians must support their child’s learning by encouraging the development of their skills with regular practise.

  • Full payment of the price is required upon confirmation of enrolment.

  • Payment occurs on a term-by-term basis unless enrolment occurs throughout the duration of a school term, where payment will be pro-rata.

  • Wonnies requires payment within 14 days of an invoice being issued.

  • There may be additional resources required depending on your child’s choice of instrument. Payment for these resources must be paid for upon receipt.

  • Payment plans can be arranged by contacting our office.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to advise our office if a change in email or postal address is required.

  • Invoices that remain unpaid by the end of the term will incur a 10% late payment fee.

  • Any fees associated in the recovery of outstanding accounts via a debt collection agency, solicitor or court appointed by Wonnies will be incurred by the parent/guardian.

  • Lessons will be suspended if payment is not received.

  • Wonnies require notification from the students’ parents/guardian in the event the student will be absent from a scheduled lesson.

  • No refund or reduction in price shall be provided where the enrolled student does not attend their scheduled class, however every effort will be made to find a suitable makeup lesson time. 

    • For planned student absences, parents are to communicate directly with their child’s teacher to find a suitable makeup lesson time. Please notify your child’s teacher 7 days before this absence.

    • Wonnies requires notification of unplanned student absences by 9am on the day of your child’s lesson. The student’s teacher is to be notified via email, text or phone call. Parents are to communicate directly with their child’s teacher to find a suitable makeup lesson time.

    • Where a Wonnies teacher is not made aware of an absence, the absence is deemed ‘unnotified’ and a full lesson fee is charged.

  • Cancellation requests must be made in writing directly to our office prior to the start of term, to avoid ongoing fees.

  • Cancellations after the commencement of term will incur a two week cancellation fee.

  • Teachers will not accept cancellations

  • We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The current terms and conditions will be readily available on our website.

I have read and understand the above Terms and Conditions agreement and acknowledge that they are binding upon me and form part of me agreement with Wonnies.

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