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Wondering about the ins and outs of how Wonnies actually works? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for you!

Questions and Answers

Q1. What happens when I enroll myself or my child with Wonnies?

Welcome to Wonnies! You will receive an email upon your enrollment stating your instrumental teachers name, contact details and when your lessons are to start. You do not need to wait until the start of a term to begin. You can begin as soon as possible! 

Q2. Does my child get taken out of the same class each week for their lesson?

A: We can rotate times of lessons so that your child does not miss the same classroom lesson each week

Q3. What if my child is absent from school on this day of their lesson? 

A: If your child is absent, please notify your child's instrumental teacher as soon as possible.  This lesson will then be completed as a 'Make-Up Lesson' over the following week/s. 

Q4. What about a school camp or school excursion?

A: We know that schools are busy places! We communicate regularly with each school so usually know in advance about these events. We run 'Make-Up Lessons' for these days too, which can often be completed before the event has occurred. 

Q5. What if my child wants to learn an instrument that we don't have?

A: You are welcome to hire one from Wonnies or purchase one at a discounted prices from a well known retailer. Contact us for information and prices. 

Q6. How does the invoicing work?

A: You will be invoiced by email. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your invoice, don't hesitate to email 

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