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Lesson Types

Wonnies have always wanted to keep the prices of lessons affordable for all families. In doing this, we are cheaper than our competitors and our teachers are among the most talented musicians in Melbourne. Each year, we give music 'scholarships' to a number of children who either show great potential or for those whose parents simply cannot afford lessons. 


Lessons in Schools

Music lessons taught in schools are to provide children an opportunity to learn in a familiar environment. Our primary objective with teaching in schools is to build the best music program (with the support of the music co-ordinator), for the school and to encourage as many children to learn one of the many instruments that we offer. Parents no longer have to drive their children to lessons after school and with our program, there are plenty of opportunities to perform and to join school bands. We work together with the school to ensure that children are not taken from their 'specialist' or 'core learning' subjects to attend lessons.

Individual or Group Lessons are available at all schools.

Children are collected from their class during school hours, at recess or lunch. Our teachers make sure their students are not missing the same class each week. 

Lessons In Your Home

One of the most rewarding things with 'home lessons' is that you don't have to go anywhere. Many parents and students have busy lives and to have one of our great teachers come to your home is too good to be true. This is a great way for parents to hear how their children are progressing from the next room. Many of our customers would usually have two or more siblings learning with the one teacher. Our teachers can come for 30 minutes or one hour lessons. If you have a friend whose child would also like lessons, this is a good chance to double up! Available most evenings and throughout the day for some customers.

Band Rehearsals at schools

We run weekly band rehearsals at schools. Most of our schools have both a junior band (up-and-coming), and also a senior band. 

All band rehearsals that take place at school commence after the first lunchtime bell and run until the end of lunch. There are always plenty of opportunities for children to eat their lunch.





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