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So you want to join a band? 

The annual 'battle of the bands' event is held on the last Sunday of each November. The event is now in it's 5th year and has seen over 300 students performing on a professionally setup stage with all the gear and lighting, recorded and with plenty of local businesses sponsoring the event. Check out our battle of the bands page- 


Ask yourself this-

Have you ever played in a band before? You can play your instrument really well or good enough? Can you see yourself or somebody you know playing with other muso's? Want to learn how to record your own music? Do you have a song that you just can't get out of your head? Would you like to perform on stage? Do you just want to have some fun with other musicians your age?



This is a great opportunity for many of our young musicians to join a band. We currently offer band programs at schools throughout Victoria. This is where musicians get together once a week and rehearse with one of our teachers. The bands are mainly setup with Drums, Guitar, Piano/Keys, Vocals and Bass. Some of our bands work together with school choirs etc.


The way it works is, our teachers who are giving lessons to students, will encourage their student to participate in playing in the school band. If the student seems keen to do this, they are sent some information home to their parents to check out what exactly the 'band' involves. The great thing about this program is that most of our schools have a senior band and also a junior band. The junior band is great for those students who may have only been playing for a short period of time, but cannot wait to join a band to become a rockstar!

We also have bands who rehearse out-of-school-hours. These bands are usually made up by the students being 'selected' by our judging panel at our annual 'Battle of the bands' event. These bands are also great as they encourage other students who do not usually do lessons with Wonnies to join in. 

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