Why choose the Drums?

The drums are a great instrument to learn from a young age and also for adults who just want to 'let go' of some steam. It helps children with their co-ordination, counting, reading and builds confidence. Teachers will often get the 'drummers' onto the drum kit during their first lesson. Children love to hear themselves play the drums and when they learn to play along with music, they feel that they can play in a band. Students can continue with drums & percussion throughout their lives in many types of bands like Rock, Jazz, Classical, Orchestral, Brass, Concert, Electronic etc. 


What you need to know!

Drum lessons are offered as Individual or Group lessons (max 3). All of these lessons are for 20 or 30 minutes once a week. 

Students will require the following for lessons- Drum sticks, Practice pad, tuition books and earmuffs. Parents often ask whether they need to have a drum set at home? We say, as they continue to improve, there will come a time. We offer rentals and also kits for purchase. Contact us for pricing.




Since 2004, we have been working together with children & adults to ensure that they understand the concept of music through personalised lessons. 


All our lessons are taught by teachers who simply love playing, performing and teaching music.


Our schools programs are taught during school hours at a number of schools throughout Melbourne. We are more than confident that our program can work at any school, regardless of the size and we are positive that the school will not only enjoy working alongside our friendly staff, but results have proven that enrolments at the school grow due to their "excellent" music program.

All our teachers have current Working With Children Checks. They are constantly improving the way in which they teach students and if learning at school isn't for everyone, we can have a teacher come to teach you in the comfort of your own home. 


Learning to play an instrument should be something that everybody from all walks of life try once in a lifetime. Research continues to show great benefits of learning or playing an instrument.


Why choose the Guitar or Bass Guitar?

The simply answer to that is... Why wouldn't you? Most children often want to start learning to play the guitar because they want to be 'rock stars'. You may laugh at this, but many young children who take up guitar lessons do so because they want to play in a band or because their friends are doing lessons. How often do you see a child walking around school or home from school with a guitar strapped onto their back? It's a great instrument to start from a young age as they learn to read music from the very first lesson, it's great for co-ordination and they can progress onto the electric guitar or the bass guitar, which gives them something to work towards. The guitar is used throughout many styles of music today whether it is at a professional level or for those just jamming in the garage.


What you need to know!

Guitar lessons are offered as Individual or Group lessons (max 3). All of these lessons are for 20 or 30 minutes once a week.

Students will require the following for lessons- Acoustic or electric/bass guitar, tuition books, plectrum (pick) and a positive attitude. We offer rentals and also guitars for purchase. Contact us for pricing.

Why choose the Piano or Keyboard?

Learning the Piano or the Keyboard has always been parents 'first choice' when it comes to getting children started on an instrument. This is still true and those wanting to start these instruments keep getting younger and younger. The good thing about learning the piano or the keyboard is that you must learn to read music and with these skills, students can go on to learn or play any instrument available. The tuition books that are used help to explain how to read both treble clef (right hand) and the bass clef (left hand). Scales, basic songs, the use of chords etc are all taught from a young age. AMEB exams are encouraged with all our students and there are also opportunities for students to play in our bands or other bands at schools.

Parents often ask whether there is a difference between starting with the piano or the keyboard. Yes there is. The Piano's notes are 'weighted', which means you control the volume coming out of the instrument. The piano's keys also require a little more 'downward pressure'. The keyboard is usually used for the younger beginner, as the notes are quite easy to press down and the volume is controlled by the volume knob.


What you need to know!

As with most of our lessons, we offer Individual or Group lessons (max 3). All of these lessons are for 20 or 30 minutes once a week.

Students will require the following for lessons- Keyboard or piano at home to practice on, Tuition books, patience and to be keen to perform. We offer rentals of keyboards or you can Contact us for pricing to purchase. 

Why choose singing lessons?

More and more students are wanting to learn how to sing now because of programs like 'The Voice' and 'The X Factor'. Children can see themselves up on a stage leading a band or singing as a soloist. The ability to sing is unique with each and every single one of us. No finger print is the same and this goes for our voice too. The skills that children learn are designed only for the voice. Our teachers work on building confidence, breathing techniques, embouchure and letting the children sing songs that they enjoy listening to. 

Children who start singing lessons, can play or end up learning to play the Piano/Keyboard or guitar. 


What you need to know!

Vocal/Singing lessons are offered as Individual or Group lessons (max 3). All of these lessons are for 20 or 30 minutes once a week. All students will need tuition books and our communication booklet. We do encourage children to bring to lessons their ipod or ipad for tunes. Once students have progressed with their lessons, they will be encouraged to practice with their own microphone. We can help with finding the right microphone for you and the right price. Contact us.

Why choose Woodwind lessons?

Learning to play the Flute, Clarinet or Saxophone has its benefits. Many schools throughout Australia have Woodwind ensembles, Concert bands and Orchestra's. All these instruments can be taught from a young age, but the size of the student does often come into it. We do encourange all children to get started at a young age and in doing this, they learn all the technical, scales, breathing and reading skills which continues throughout their primary schooling. Woodwind students do get many opportunities to perform for their peers and at school assemblies as the books that we use are full of great tunes.   


What you need to know!

All Woodwind lessons are offered as Individual or Group lessons (max 2). All of these lessons are for 20 or 30 minutes once a week. All students will need tuition books and an instrument to practice at home on and to bring to their lessons. We can help with rentals or offer advice with purchasing an instrument, so Contact us.

Why choose string lessons?

Learning to play the violin has always been something that very young musicians have done. The violin is still quite a popular instrument with many students. To learn a string instrument, you need to have patience and a very strick practice routine. There are many benefits of learning a string instrument. Students will learn to read music from a very young age, they will learn about posture, technique, strumming, bowing and plucking. As you may know, many of the world's greatest orchestra's, sting ensembles and other famous string musicians travel the world to further their skills. Most high schools have string ensembles and orchestra's for students to play in.


What you need to know!

All our violin lessons are offered as Individual or Group lessons (max 2). All of these lessons are for 20 or 30 minutes once a week. All new students will be required to have their own violin for lessons and for practice at home. Students will need to have tuition books for lessons. 

* Not all schools currently offer violin lessons. Please check with our office.

Why join a band?

All musicians should at some stage experience the thrill, passion and emotion of playing in a band. There is no better feeling than playing with a group of talented musicians on stage or jamming in the rehearsal room. We offer a band program at most schools for 'up-and-coming' bands or for those students who have been playing for a while. The school bands rehearse with one of our experienced teachers of a lunchtime at school and our 'Super bands' rehearse in our studios in Park Orchards of an evening. 

All our bands are given many opportunites to play throughout the year at school events, public events, cafe's and our annual battle of the bands event in November.


What you need to know!

Our bands are made up of between 4-6 'band members'. All members of our bands must be confident with their chosen instrument and more importantly be willing to work hard as a band. Students are asked to have their own instrument with them for each rehearsal and be dedicated to practice at home. 

Our 'Super bands' are selected each year by our judging panel at the battle of the bands event. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining one of our bands, please Contact our office. 


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