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"The earlier a child.... comes to grips with music, the more the brain growth will be influenced.
It sets them up for life."

Dr Richard Letts

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent."

- Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo
WELCOME to the official Wonnies School of Music website.
We're so pleased you've come to check us out.

For a number of years, Wonnies has worked with primary school students to encourage a love of music by learning an instrument. We nurture the musical abilities of our students through the work of our talented music teachers

To all our
NEW FRIENDS, we are glad that you have made the decision to come and learn with us. We can't wait to share in your journey. 


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Wonnies is a company offering tuition in Music . We create opportunities to learn life-long skills in a positive and fun environment



Our mission is to provide quality tuition in music. We exist to encourage people of all ages to learn to play an instrument or to learn a new skill involved with music. We want you to learn, to play and to become the best version of yourself. 


We set out to build up the next generation of talented, dedicated and passionate musicians to bring more wonder and joy to the world. 



We have a fantastic team of teachers made up of dedicated and talented musicians.


All our instrumental teachers have either studied in their chosen area, or are currently studying or playing their instrument at a high level.


Our team at Wonnies are hand picked and like many of our customers, they are introduced to us by word-of-mouth. 



The answer to that question can easily be answered by many of our current customers. 


Our Wonnies customers are a part of something that encourages them to try something new and different in a positive and safe environment, whilst building new friendships with teachers and class mates. The feedback from our customers is absolutely fantastic. 

Wonnies Reviews from current customers

"We love you guys and have been with you for some 5 years now. Charlie has advanced leaps and bounds having joined the concert band and percussion ensemble this past year. All credit to her years with Wonnies, she is the best drummer in her school by far! We'd recommend you guys every time".

Donna 2010-current.

"Although music has been in my life since childhood (as my dad plays with the MSO) somehow I haven't picked up an instrument since I was 10. In fact it came out of nowhere in my thirties, with two children and a busy schedule, that I decided to do something for myself! Yes, it was daunting... But my teacher is full of encouragement and insight, and I've found that I love playing the guitar. It brings sheer enjoyment and a tangible sense of fulfilment. I can see that I'm improving artistically as my skills grow. And there's potential! I may even sing in public one day! Thank you Wonnies!"

Simone Clare (Primary School teacher and mother)
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